Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Couple's One Year Anniversary

We just received a very nice card and some photos from one of our couples whose wedding we planned in 2004/2005. They just celebrated their one year anniversary and were so thoughtful as to send us another thank you card for helping them on their big day and to let us know what's been going on in their lives. We love hearing from our couples after they've settled into their new life together. Spending so much time with a couple during the planning process you create a relationship that often lasts beyond the wedding day:

Geneve & Sarah,

As you know, we just had our first wedding anniversary. We just wanted to thank you again for helping to create such wonderful memories for us. Our day was a huge hit thanks to you guys!As you also know, we've had this huge crazy move to Manitoba & about 4 job changes since last June.Please keep in touch. We hope business is still going well for you. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Tara & Lee

Here are some of the other photos that they sent:

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