Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DreamGroup Worldwide!

I just had a very exciting phone conversation with one of our clients in Tokyo. He and his fiance are from Vancouver but they live and work in Tokyo. They are planning to get married in Vancouver this Spring and hired DreamGroup to assist them in planning their wedding from overseas. Many of our clients are in the same situation and we love being able to bring their vision together despite the distance.

So...back to the story...he mentioned how he was at a seminar and talking with one of the lawyers there and began chatting about how he is planning his wedding in Vancouver. The lawyer started telling him about his wedding that also took place in Vancouver this past year and how he had hired a great wedding planner to assist him. Our client replied that he had also hired a wonderful planner and bet that his was even better. To their surprise they had both hired DreamGroup to assist them in planning their overseas weddings. What a coincidence! DreamGroup clients are everywhere...

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