Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trends: Wedding Photography Now

Photo: Tobyn Ross

The Modern Approach to Wedding Photography
by Geneve McNally, DreamGroup Productions

Candid, Photojournalism

Over the past decade we have seen wedding photography become so much more than just a posed picture. It has become one of the most important aspects to any couple's wedding. The photography of the past displayed families and wedding parties lined up, almost robotically, in rows of two or three displaying strained smiles with hands and elbows strategically placed on partners shoulders "just so" - this style of photography has thankfully become cliché and outdated. Today, brides are now aspiring to incorporate a more modern and contemporary style of photography into their weddings - often referred to as candid or photojournalistic. This style reflects a more relaxed approach to capturing the day's events as they unfold - illustrating a more fun, easy, 'joie de vivre' style resulting in visual storytelling with a fresh and elegant spin.

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