Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Incredible Quest!

This past weekend, DreamGroup had it's End of the Season Get Together to celebrate a hugely successful 2009 Season. Looking for something different, we asked one of our Associates, Corinne Colledge to plan an Incredible Quest for the Team. Not knowing what they were getting into, all of the girls showed up at the Vancouver Public Library to find out what the day had in store and to start the race.

Corinne teamed us up in groups of two, gave us the rules for the game and an envelope with the money that we could use to accomplish our tasks.

On "GO!" we began the race and experienced an afternoon of pure fun, team building, and laughs. She had us running around downtown, heading over to the North Shore on the Seabus and even venturing over to Chinatown. It was such an incredible experience for everyone and we had a blast even despite the fact that it was raining!

If you are looking for something unique to do for a Stag, Stagette, or any kind of social or corporate event, this is guaranteed to get people talking.

One of our challenges to gain bonus points was to switch t-shirts with a stranger (if you are so daring to do so). Kim Conroy decided to take this on and earned her team an extra 20 points! It's not always about who crosses the finish line first. Slow, steady & creative can win too!

Another challenge..."Someone from your team must hang from a tree by their knees"...10 points!

"Get a picture of a team member with a local celebrity"...20 points! She told us to be creative!

Here's some more information on how you can experience an Incredible Quest too:

After conducting a comprehensive interview, our DreamGroup Associate Corinne Colledge will create a totally unique, customized Incredible Quest that suits your group's style, adventure level, and incorporates hobbies, interests and passions within your groups participants. You will be divided into teams of two and each given a denomination of money to use and a set of rules in which to abide by. Using clues given only after completing challenges and performing tasks, you and your partner will navigate your way either by foot, in a taxi, by seabus, the skytrain, to locations throughout your Incredible Quest individualized route. You will test your intellect and your endurance and experience a day full of adrenaline that is guaranteed to be reminisced about forever, and one of the most memorable days of your life!

A testimonial from a past Incredible Quest participant:

"Being the champion of the last Incredible Quest that Corinne organized, with a thrilling come from way behind victory, I have to say that even if my team had won or lost, it was one of the best afternoons I have had. With a limited budget, Corinne found a way to make us travel literally across the entire city and back again.

Not only did all the participants enjoy themselves, but the people we encountered in the streets were definitely getting into it to, many of them thinking that we were actually competing on the real show.

Having randomly selected teams also made it fun, as I was partnered up with the wives of 2 of my buddy's, which turned out to be a winning combination. We are all awaiting the return of the next installment of the event as we are looking to defend our title."


To book your Incredible Quest, contact Corinne

We would also like to send out a huge thank you to Savoury Chef for preparing a fantastic lunch of delectable delights for us after the race.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the Incredible Quest

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