Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Find: Coco Cake Cupcakes!

Imagine a pretty plate of Coco Cake cupcakes at your next birthday party, wedding shower, art opening or special event. Imagine delighting your guests with a fancifully decorated, baked-from-scratch and custom created Coco Cake cupcake!

Coco Cake is a small cupcake catering company located in Vancouver, BC, run by artist and fun-loving baker Lyndsay Sung. Coco Cake cupcakes are handmade, artisan cupcakes baked from scratch, decorated with love and a vintage aesthetic! Coco Cake makes super delicious and beautiful cupcakes, and they high-five people, children and even cats with pretty Coco Cake cupcake power!

For more information on how to order Coco Cake cupcakes, visit their Flavours/Ordering page. To view many examples of Coco Cake’s work click here, and for the latest cakey news, seasonal specials and experiments, visit the Coco Cake blog.

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