Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Purchasing Wedding Insurance...

A wedding symbolizes the time, energy and love invested in a relationship. Don’t let an uncontrollable event at your rehearsal, reception or wedding disrupt or even spoil your special day. Wedding Insurance protects your investment and ensures you get the memories that will last forever.

WEDensure is a comprehensive insurance product that protects your wedding investment from unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances. The most unique aspect of WEDensure is that it provides an all-inclusive solution of 12 different types of coverages. By using the "SAFE" process summary below, you will be able to purchase an "all in one" wedding insurance within minutes.

How WEDensure Works:

Submit the total estimated budget for the wedding. Please include all costs applicable to the wedding (from the flowers and invitation cards to the venues and wedding band).

Account for all wedding costs and keep record of the total budget. WEDensure will provide reimbursement for losses up to the total dollar amount equal to the initial wedding budget submitted. Your limit can be applied to any of the twelve coverages that we offer. WEDensure allows you the flexibility to spend your full limit on one specific coverage if required.

Feel protected and secure with WEDensure as it provides an all-inclusive solution that offers 12 coverages for one price.

Enjoy your special wedding day and leave the worry to us.

For more information and to purchase your coverage online visit WEDensure. Or, to speak with NW Insurance Brokers call 1-888-603-1931 or 604-602-1931 today.

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