Thursday, December 22, 2011

Destination Nuptials

Destination weddings in Europe are all about love, romance, charm, sophistication, elegance, stunning landscapes, incredible architecture and art. Imagine your dream wedding with the historical background of a city in Tuscany, Italy or the marvellous famous blue domes in Santorini, Greece.

Sounds pretty perfect! If this is what you picture as the ideal wedding, it is not out of reach - simply give yourself plenty of time to plan (at least 8 months to a year). This allows adequate time for your family, bridal party and other guests to make travel arrangements and schedule time off work.

Check out some helpful tips for planning a European destination wedding from Real Weddings:

1. Decide on which country you would like to wed.

2. Contact a destination wedding planner to discuss your details (large group, small more intimate group, country of preference, services required, etc.).

3. Get informed about your chosen country. Your wedding planner will provide you with information about paperwork and legalities, the wedding license, and will recommend specific cities in your chosen country and the type of services they each other.

See some beautiful suggestions for your destination nuptials...

And if your want that European charm minus the travel, include that rustic, elegant flair in your wedding decor!

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!

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par avion design said...

I highly recommend a wedding in Europe - my wedding was in Siena, Italy (in fact, that is one of my wedding photos you have!!), and it was amazing.

Crissy (from par avion design)

PS: As there isn't a photo credit listed, I'll note here that the photo is by Stefano Nanucci from Florence, Italy. :)