Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wow with your Brows!

If you are planning on having your eyebrows shaped before your wedding, it’s best to avoid getting them waxed. Waxing doesn’t just remove the hair, but actually removes a majority of dead skin cells from your epidermis, the top layer of skin to which the make-up foundation used on your wedding day must stick.

It takes up to one week to fully rejuvenate your cells and by that time you will already have had hair re-growth. Instead, try a technique called “threading”. It’s far gentler on your skin than waxing and creates very clean and professional results.

There are ample local Indian salons and spas that specialize in this style of hair removal and the cost is surprisingly inexpensive at usually no more than $10 - $15 for combined Hair and Lip treatments.

Try it out a couple of months before the wedding to see how you like it and then schedule an appointment to have the wedding threading done two –three days before the big event.

Vancouver's local gem, Bombay Brow Bar will be onsite THIS Sunday for Style & Strut in the Style Lounge! Meet with brow experts to create the perfect shape for your face.

The Style Lounge features a fabulous team of beauty treatment specialists, stylists, shoe and fashion retailers, lingerie experts, hair and makeup advisors, and other fashion, health and beauty professionals to offer brides and their guests advice, insight, sample products and services, and support as they move towards creating their perfect Wedding Style! Get your tickets today to get in on the fun THIS Sunday!

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