Friday, April 23, 2010

Weddings and the City...

Suzie Moldowan brought DreamGroup on board last year to assist her with the planning of her 2010 wedding and we, along with Associate Planner, Alicia Keats, have been enjoying quite possibly one of the most riveting and hilarious writers DreamGroup has ever seen since then! Here is yet another fantastic glimpse into Suzie's planning journey...enjoy!

Ok gals, after much stress and many played out scenarios in my head, I am happy to report that we will not need to ask the seamstress if she is in fact able to let OUT my wedding dress.


This evening, while Mischa sat in the front room mildy hyperventilating and stuttering, I ventured into the washroom for a date with a stick. Armed with today's technology, I took 3 huge breaths, pulled down my pants, briefly caught a glimpse of my not so tight post prego body and began the "test." Visions of November 2008 lingered in my mind as it was clear that I had in fact been in this exact position before and trust me, it wasn't pretty. Now, in test numero uno, I sat, legs spread, while I watched (in slow mo by the way) my pee cascade down like Shannon Falls on a hot summer day. Indeed, it is debatable whether or not the giggling I heard in my head at that time was my own nervous guffaws or that of the urine itself knowing all to soon just what was to come. For all intents and purposes, I am leaning towards the latter. Nevertheless, my eyes were glued to the indicator strip as I had been instructed to so clearly watch in an effort to guarantee accuracy.

And thank god for accuracy.

Now, you should know (and some of you do already), that the instructions clearly stated that you should hold the stick for 5 secs before any reading would appear. Not the case. The minute "contact" was made I found myself staring at a bold plus sign that was irrefutable. In this case, the glove fit....a mere 38 weeks later I was staring into the eyes of my adorable and extremely gifted daughter.

I tell you this because I was, truth be told, expecting something similar to happen while hunched over the porcelain throne this evening. Thankfully, despite the absence of water imagery as in this case it was more reminiscent of something akin to equine relief (I tried to find an elegant way of putting this), I was greeted with a sign that I was, in some ways, not ready for. Give me addition, multiplication or division for that matter but subtraction? Sigh.

Yup, there it was, staring at me. A big minus.

Relieved? Yes. A little sad? Yeah, a little sad too.

Needless to say, timing isn't good and I am not going to be walking down the aisle with an "escort." Amen. Can only imagine what comments would arise from that, giggle.

So, there you have it. Thank you all for your kind words as I danced with panic.

Perhaps you'll be happy to hear that Mischa and I are still on the pill however, we have upgraded to spermicide baths and saran wrap sex. Yea, you read that right. Hey, don't judge. The latter, albeit hot and sticky (pun intended), is more fun than you think...just make sure your partner pokes holes in the mouth as I was less on the ball and mistook Mischa's muffled cries as new sexy time love mutterings. More to the point, I don't recommend laughing it off as Misch also didn't find his accidental suffocation amusing.

Kill joy.

Ok, must hit the sack as I have a brunch date tomorrow with my man and favourite little girl.

Love to you all and talk soon.


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