Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weddings and the City...

Associate Planner Alicia Keats, is currently working with (and being entertained by) quite possibly one of the most riveting and hilarious writers we DreamGroup gals have ever known! Suzie Moldowan brought DreamGroup on board last year to assist her with the planning of her 2010 wedding and we've been enjoying our our very own Carrie Bradshaw ever since! Here is yet another fantastic excerpt from Suzie's planning journey...enjoy!

Morning again,

Whew...amazing how much better the synapses are flying once daylight hits and brain activity picks up speed.

Valentine's Day was a laugh. Jayna was great and I think we are on the right track in terms of what I am wanting. I was not in a great head space for a variety of reasons and was not good at helping her understand what I was looking for...I felt badly but I think I am going to see if we could do another consultation, with the money going towards the package as we will definitely go with her on the day. Having said that, she is fun and has a good energy...all thumbs up from me.

Sooooo happy to hear that my fantasies aren't going to waste and that someone appreciates them. Every time I try to entertain Mischa with them, he feels "cheated" in that he feels our fantasies are apparently different. I am going to try a new technique though in an effort to align our imaginative dreaming and plan on approaching the subject, that being our decor, while decked out in non-motherly attire. Translation: I will delve into the land of questionable morals and loose values all in the name of this wedding.

Geez, what I sacrifice!

Moving on....sooo glad you are not poo-pooing my ideas. Moreover, couldn't be happier that you are digging the Wii and roadie game! Rock on girl. After dessert and before speeches sounds good. I feared I was on the verge of over-doin' it, whew! I think we should ask Andrea at TCC if they have a TV available and failing that, we can easily use one from our place and drop it off. No problems there. As for the hockey nets, I can borrow them from the school and we can pick those up and deliver them prior to the wedding also.

I listened to the band and they sound great but I am concerned about the cost of $2300. I am assuming that is not negotiable? Let me know the details when you get them because I am definitely interested. Would love to have the horn players too but we are now quite a bit over the $800 for the DJ. Your thoughts here? If we went with these guys and they agreed to the ceremony as well, are we closer to budget?

Hmmm, what else. Ahhh, the reusable shopping bags, they were from Weddingstar magazine and they work out to be about $1.99 a bag. Mom still thinks we should do a different gift for the men so I will look into another favor also. I will bring the mag when I see you next.

As for Garlands, I will stay tuned. Are we able to meet with Evan from Flowerz as well? Are we going to meet with Colin from Upright too? I have some more pics with floral and decor ideas that I think might work.

This weekend might work well for me for a dress date. Sat could work but I need to get back to you on this as I usually tutor in the am. Sunday could work but I can only do afternoon as Mischa, Reese and I always go for brunch and it is the date you can't break!

Let me know what ya think?


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