Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weddings and the City...

Recently, Associate Planner Alicia Keats, has had the pleasure of working with (and being entertained by) quite possibly one of the most riveting and funny writers we DreamGroup gals have ever known. Suzie Moldowan brought DreamGroup on board last year to assist her with the planning of her 2010 wedding. Quite quickly we realized we had our very own Carrie Bradshaw as a client! Her ability to express herself and detail her wedding planning experiences led us to the idea that perhaps other brides out there might benefit from her light-hearted and sometimes deeply personal opinions on going through the motions of wedding planning and life in general. With her fiancé Mischa by her side and daughter Reese attached to her front... we hope you enjoy Suzie's tellings of a beautiful life in motion and the experiences that come with it.

“Things here are swimming along (pun intended). We found a cool website called and it is awesome. Lots of different shoe styles to see. Moreover, while out and about, I found a pair of Betsy Johnson heels that I would sell my soul for...have begun throwing out every excuse I can think of to Mischa to help him realize why I MUST have these shoes despite the $160 price tag. He of course, lacks the female ability to understand why my life is pointless without them and I am becoming more and more aware of his man-icapped deficiencies.

Humph. Who cares when I'll wear them next? At least I'll know I own them....soooo sparkly, sooo shiny and, when I listen carefully, they actually talk to me. What can I say? I am helpless.

Anyways, fingers and toes crossed that I might be able to rationalize the need for these beauties over our need for food and shelter. More to the point, it is my dreaded 34th birthday tomorrow and I am certain they would restore my inner feeling of self worth despite the fact that I seem to be aging.

Talk soon!”


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