Monday, May 31, 2010

Weddings and the City...

DreamGroup client, Suzie Moldowan, brought Associate Planner, Alicia Keats, on board last year to assist her with the planning of her 2010 wedding. Since then, Alicia and the rest of DreamGroup have been enjoying some of the most entertaining writing DreamGroup has ever seen! Hope you enjoy this week's glimpse into Suzie's planning journey as much as we did!

Hi hi Alicia!

My goodness time has flown by. Can't believe that it is almost June. Moreover, can't believe that we are getting married in 2 months....this is particularly frightening given my waistline at the moment.

Have to wonder how long I can use the "just had a baby" excuse to explain away the spare tire I am carrying around my mid-section. Might have to lie and blame Mischa as he obviously is forcing cake and cookies on me in an effort to out shine me on our special day.

I am sooooo on to him.

Nonetheless, in true form, I am ready to conquer the day and will start by responding to your lovely email. I have already changed 2 diapers worthy of a hazmat team and have a local SWAT team on speed dial as Reese has turned into psycho baby thanks to new teeth popping up. I swear I saw her eyes change colour yesterday as she took on an appearance close to devil spawn.

Not happy. Thank god she is so damn cute 'cause she is a poster child for ear plugs right now.

Moving along, I have some good news. Pucks are ordered and en route. They will be here on the 31st. Moreover, I have something so cool to show you (for the kids) that I haven't even shared with Mom yet! God I love these and when I showed Misch, I think he wished he was joining the under age crew instead of the adults, giggle. More to the point, when I came across these little gems they literally called out to me. I now believe that any expenditures that I incur are out of my control as I am being guided by a higher power. Can't help it....the cosmos are infusing me with credit card splendour and well, I am helpless really. Furthermore, who am I to fuss with karmic destiny?

Don't want to piss off any man on a mountain for fear that I will misalign my inner chi, chu...or is it cha? Which reminds me, I could go for a chai.

Anyways, back on track here. Let me address some of my homework.

In terms of Jamie, give her another email please. She is crazy busy and we have attempted to chat more than a few times but to no avail. She might need a few emails to get a response. Persistence is the key with her. Thanks for this in advance.

I am looking forward to seeing the bags. I trust they will look fabulous and truth be told, I am so attracted to anything that involves the word shopping that even the scent of grocery shopping gets me excited these days. Thus, I am feeling an affinity with these wonderful wedding "favours" which I am certain will contribute to my overall well being.

Sad I know but cut me some slack - my best audience is a 10 month old and spending the day pureeing fruit and vegetables is normal for me. Little things make me happy it seems.

I can confirm that the deposit to Sarah was mailed and the one to Houle was as well. I haven't gotten confirmation from either though so is a call warranted? Let me know your thoughts on this.

We are finally shooting our engagement shoot with Scott this weekend Sunday)! Indeed, the "engagement" premise seems slightly lost but so are our tans so no harm, no foul. I have instructed Mischa to practice his "I am so over the moon in love with you and my life is nothing without you" look but I am afraid that all I have witnessed is him "vogueing", naked if I might add, admiring his man pecks. Random double takes seem to be his style at the moment and I am prepared to see an engagement book that resembles a photographic slideshow from the early 80's. Think Simon Le Bon meets bald German with strong love of self.

Logistics for street hockey are not coming along yet but will. I am taking a trip into the school next week as we are interviewing for teh other grade 7 position at the school...someone I will be working closely with so I am anxious to be a part of the decision. I will ask about borrowing the equipment etc and get back to you on this.

TCC sleepover is a work in progress. I vow to get this to you by the end of the month. Promise.

Wedding accommodations still not booked but will be....

We are ring shopping this week, yikes. Still explaining to him why a twist tie is inappropriate and moreover, why we CANNOT go to the mall, put a quarter in the machine, crack open the plastic egg and use that for a ring. God help me on this one.

Crap....Reese is gurgling...soon to be followed by a blood curdling scream if I don't hurry up.

Last few things to share:

Country Club fell through for rehearsal dinner but we have booked Brock House instead - Mom and I are meeting with them tomorrow to discuss details and view the space. I am actually much happier with this.

Mom and I will get the invitations out next week also.

Hmmm, know I am forgetting something but can't think with Reese stirring. Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing you soon and will write again in the near

Talk soon,


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