Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Selecting your MC...

In one sentence, the Emcee’s job is to make sure the “official” part of the reception –- the speeches and toasts part -- runs smoothly. He/She usually begins by inviting the guests to be seated for dinner, welcomes guests to the wedding (thanking out-of-towners individually is often a nice gesture), introduces the wedding party and guests seated at the head table (sometimes one and the same, but not always), and introduces the speakers and anyone else who is scheduled to make toasts or speeches. Being selected to fill this role is quite an honor and should be treated with respect by your selected candidate.

So, who is a good candidate to fill this coveted role?

In a perfect world, your MC:

  • is not in the wedding party
  • has a good sense of humour
  • is comfortable in front of an audience
  • knows the couple’s history
  • is excited at the opportunity
  • is able to restrain from drinking until after dinner (for the most part)

Before the wedding, talk with your MC and let him or her know who will need an introduction at the reception and who will be making a speech or toast. You may need to collect your thoughts and compile a list over a period of time, but try to get that information to your MC no later than six weeks prior to the reception. Your Wedding Planners will prepare a timeline and let the speakers know ahead of time when they can expect to be called upon to make their toast/speech (i.e. after the 2nd course, before dessert, etc.) as well, but its a good idea for your MC to be prepared.

In most cases the Emcee is also asked to announce the ‘special events’ of the night (i.e. bride and groom’s arrival, cake cutting, first dance, Father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, bride and groom’s departure, etc.), but in some cases this is the role taken on by that of a professional DJ. A few days prior to the wedding provide your MC information about the layout of the reception space and whether he or she will be provided with a podium and/or microphone. The more they know about the onsite arrangements, the more comfortable they will be in their role. Make sure to suggest that he or she also familiarize themselves with the location of the washrooms as well as where the designated smoking area is located (if applicable).

One final bit of advice that you should be sure to pass on… ask your designated MC to try not to drink more than two or three drinks prior to fulfilling their evening obligations. There’s nothing worse than a bride and groom embarrassed by an intoxicated Emcee blabbing away the whole night.

Just remember...if you choose wisely and pass along these simple tips then you and your MC will be sure have a fabulous and memorable evening!

Good luck!

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