Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Selecting your perfect wedding venue...

Need help deciding on your perfect wedding venue? Have a look at these helpful tips below and you should be able to choose the wedding venue that is just right for you and your guests.

First of all, start early! Many wedding venues are booking specific “in demand” wedding dates as early as 1 – 2 years in advance, so if you have your heart set on a specific date and/or venue, get your research and site visits started right away!

During your search have a realistic idea as to how many people are going to come to your wedding in mind. The best way to go about figuring this out is to account for everyone you plan to send an invitation to, but also keeping in mind that about 10 to 25% of your invited guests will be “unable to attend” depending on where guests are coming from and the wedding date you have chosen. If you plan accordingly, you should have plenty of space for all of your guests to share your special day.

Decide if you want separate venues for your ceremony and reception. If you want to do them both separately, then choosing venues that are near to each other is a good idea. Make sure that the reception venue is going to seat all the guests that attended the ceremony plus a few more just to be safe. Statistics show that typically more people attend receptions than the actual ceremony.

Do a walkthrough of each and every place you consider for your wedding. Bring a camera to document specific things you think make one site better than another. Also, carry a notebook and pen with you to make any notes or remember any questions you might have.

Investigate different types of venues for your wedding. Consider churches, botanical gardens, hotels, community centers, heritage houses, and any other building that rents space as a viable option. Don't remove a site from your consideration until you have seen it as you might be pleasantly surprised!

Be sure to ask if you can bring in your own caterer/alcohol, photographer, entertainment, audio-visual equipment, etc. as many facilities will only let you select from their preferred list of vendors. Also, ask if the facility owns the glassware and dishes, tables and chairs, dance floor and any other necessary items. Keep in mind that if the facility has to rent, they will pass the costs on to you.

Finally, ask for sample quotes from each of the venues you are considering and compare all included costs. Do not select a venue that isn’t going to comfortably fit inside your budget as it will only cause unnecessary stress down the road.

In the end, if you are honest with yourself and your budget as well as your realistic guest numbers then you will end up with the perfect venue for your special day! Happy Hunting!

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