Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Hosting a Green Wedding...

Interested in hosting a ‘Green’ Wedding? Or incorporating some sustainable elements throughout to help reduce your carbon footprint? Here are a few tips and tricks from The David Suzuki Foundation to help make your special day even better for the environment:

Wedded Bliss with a Low-carbon Twist

If you've recently decided to tie the knot, you may have asked yourself some difficult questions, such as, "How do I celebrate such an all-consuming event without a lot of consuming — and polluting?" And "How can I feel good about this day, without feeling that I've simply added to the climate and other environmental impacts that will be felt by future generations?"

The solution? Have a low-carbon wedding — a wedding with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Consider these options;

The Dress

SmartBride Boutique is a free, local listings site connecting brides both past and present to buy, sell, and save. Search by city to find discounted and used wedding dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, shoes, jewelry, purses, decorations, and more. If you've already been a "green" bride, consider listing your dress to extend its life! There is no charge to sell items.

Start a Green Wedding Gift Registry

If all you need is love — and a healthy, happy Earth — then consider starting a wedding gift registry with the David Suzuki Foundation. Your guests can give green to a great cause that will help protect the environment. It's a meaningful way for everyone to celebrate your love for each other, and your love for nature. Email Kim Vickers or call her at 604.732.4228 or toll free 1.800.453.1533 to get started.

The Rings

Jewelry made from recycled gold and conflict-free gemstones can be a better option for the green-hearted. Curious how Canadian diamonds measure up? You might be surprised. Mining Watch Canada has unearthed another way to help save the boreal forest and our caribou. See their analysis here.

So before you buy that eco-friendly jewelry, be prepared to ask your jeweler a few questions. Is the recycled metal post-consumer? What are the refinery's environmental standards? (This is important because it's the refining process that releases toxic chemicals into our water.) Lab-made diamonds are the most environmentally friendly and only jewelers can tell the difference. You can also reuse and re-craft a gemstone from a family heirloom.

Today, some jewelry companies use 100 per cent post-consumer recycled gold. This decreases the demand for new gold, which means fewer harmful gold-mining practices. An interesting online option is Green Karat. All of their gemstones are manufactured or lab-made and their recycled gold is refined in facilities that meet strict environmental standards. You can even send in old or broken gold jewelry and Green Karat will either donate the proceeds or give you a credit on a future order.

Want to learn more? We've made it easy for you. Click here to find out how to make your wedding as Earth-friendly as possible.

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