Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Arranging your Must Have Photos...

To make sure that all of your bases are covered on the wedding day, its a good idea to create a list of “must-have photos” that your photographer can work off of. This is not a request for what artistic shots you want taken, but rather what “family shots” are required (i.e. Grandma Lilly with the Bride & Groom) to ensure no one is left out. Keep your list to no more than 10-12 shots maximum.

It’s also a good idea to designate a family member from both the Bride’s side and the Groom’s side who know all of the special people on your photo checklist so they can help to gather them and ensure the photo session runs quickly & smoothly. Leading up to the wedding day, make sure that both of your designated family members, your photographer and your wedding planner (if you have one) each have at least one copy of this list so that everyone is prepared for a quick and smooth photo session on the big day.

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