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Ask a Planner... "Post Marital Blues?"

Hi DreamGroup…

What does a bride do after her wedding when she’s missing the planning part and finds herself with way too much time on her hands?  Is there such thing as Post Marital Blues?  Gratitude for any advice.

Bride feeling blue

My Sweet Bride Blue!

Totally absolutely completely normal!!!  Most brides who immerse themselves full swing into the planning of their wedding will feel some degree of post marital blues after the wedding day has come and gone.  For some it will be more prevalent than with others. 

How could you not? For 6-18 months before the wedding you likely spent 20+ hours a week researching, contemplating options, looking through blogs and magazines, making decisions, and then thinking some more and changing your mind.  You probably spent precious hours creating thoughtful bits and pieces to personalize your wedding, spent time playing over and over again how the day would unfold for you and your guests, how you would look, what your fiancé would be thinking when he saw you for the first time, and talked endlessly with family and friends in anticipation of this most important day.  Then all of a sudden it’s over in what often feels quite literally like two hours when in fact it was 20 hours from the start of hair and make up to when your head finally hit the pillow around 2:00amtime never flew by so quickly!

So, what do you do now?  I’ll tell you what you do!

You enjoy being married!!! This is such a special time in a woman's life when she can settle into a relationship that is committed, constant, and reassuring.  Relish in the idea that you have found a partner in crime to share your life’s journey.  I know a few people who have yet to find that kind of love. 

Next up, you wait in anticipation for the photos (and maybe film) which hopefully capture that very precious moment in your lives to perfection.  Complete (or begin if you have not already started) writing your "thank yous" to your generous guests and the wedding professionals who helped make the day what it was.  You might collect all the resources you used in planning your wedding and pass them on to a future bride in waiting.  Perhaps start a Blog to share your insights and best advice for those brides to be who might benefit from your wisdom. You may even have a couple friends who are getting married who might benefit from a friend who wants to get their hands a little dirty! 

And if you were that DIY/Crafty Bride who now has a garage or closets full of gently loved wedding treasures that should not go to waste sign up for a table at Bridal Swap taking place April 7th at the Roundhouse in Yaletown -
And for a small few perhaps you enjoyed yourself so much and were so successful at planning and orchestrating your wedding that a career in wedding planning is in your future -

And if after all that you still find yourself feeling empty or need to find something to devote some time and energy into…. Why not start volunteering at your local food bank, SPCA, or other favourite cause because goodness knows the world needs more people to spend time helping others in need.

Congratulations on this very exciting time in your life my darling!  There are so many wonderful and exciting milestones ahead that will all require oodles and oodles of planning, thought, and implementation.  The best is yet to come!
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