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Ask a Planner... "A Stagette You WON'T Want to Forget"

Help Ladies!

I don't want to sound ungrateful or come across like a bridezilla, but I'm getting married in June of next year and am worried that my maid of honour and bridesmaids are going to throw me a tacky "bride in a cheesy veil drinking from a penis straw" stagette at some local top 40 nightmare of a club and would love to avoid the embarrassing parade.  Can you please suggest some alternatives?

Thank you!
Anti Stagette Bride

My darling anti-stagette bride!

You are hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh out loud today!  I don't think you are a Bridezilla at all for wanting to try and avoid the cliche stagette party.  Good for you in fact for thinking about it and voicing an opinion while there's still time to come up with a different plan!  The great news is there are many awesome alternatives to the "traditional" stagette as you've so colorfully outlined above.

These days brides are often a little older, smarter, and are thankfully looking for some more creative, healthy, and/or interesting things to do with their girlfriends to celebrate the occasion.  I have listed below my top 5 suggestions for a Stagette here in Vancouver.  Maybe forward this post to your maid of honour and girlfriends as a sort of FYI... :O)  Good luck!!

TOP 5 STAGETTE IDEAS (that do not include veils or p*n*s straws):

1. Spa Party:  Who doesn't love getting pampered?  Contact your favorite local spa (or step it up a notch and make it a weekend affair at a destination spa) and book a group session for manis-pedis-massage for all!  Find a spa that offers private rooms or designated areas for group events.  Bring champagne, order some food, plug in a favourite movie like Bridesmaids if applicable, and RELAX!  Not the most unique idea, but fun and easy. My personal Vancouver Favs...  or  or

2. Pole Dancing Lessons: Yup I said it!  This new found fun fat burning activity is a really fun way to unwind and laugh yourself silly with your girlfriends while picking up some new sexy moves.

3. A Makeover Party: This one is both fun and practical!  What better time than now to try a new look or better yet learn how to enhance your best features like a pro with a private group makeover and lesson.  Contact Jayna Marie at Fancy Face Academy to inquire!

4. Bootcamp: I know, I know it sounds awful, but it's actually really fun and whether you are a Grouse grind fitness fanatic or exercise avoiding couch potato you will enjoy the endorphin inducing activity (if not during at least afterwards when you are feeling happy and proud of yourself)! :O)

5.Shopping Party: This is a super fun way to spend an evening with your girls! There are several local clothing and specialty boutiques in Vancouver that will book private shopping parties after hours at no cost.  Ultimately they are hoping you will make a few purchases to make it worth their while, but it's not mandatory of every attendee.  Many of them will allow food, drinks, and music to help set the mood!  or book a Diva's Den Party at my absolute favorite store in all of Vancouver...

And if all else fails... A delicious and leisurely dinner at your favourite local restaurant sounds perfect to me!

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at 



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