Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Boudoir Experience with Jennifer Williams

Wow!  What an experience...I finally ticked one of the items off of my bucket list which was doing a boudoir shoot.  The photographer that I selected for this shoot was Jennifer Williams.  I had seen her work and knew that it was great and when I chatted with her I knew that I would be comfortable shedding my clothes in front of her.  She's worked with so many women and so many different body shapes and really understands how to make a woman look and feel good in front of the camera.

To start of  the day, I had my hair & makeup done by Kelly Trerise who is an amazing artist.  We all chatted and got comfortable and when it was time to start shooting, it was just Jen and myself in her studio.  We used lots of props that were in her place and I was able to change into lots of different outfits for the different looks I wanted to have.  I had prepared for the shoot by finding inspiration on her Pinterest board of various looks that appealed to me and while we were shooting she used the inspiration that I had found to create my own personal shots.

I never once felt shy or awkward during the shoot because I knew that Jen had shot so many women and this is really a passion for her.  She loves what she does and it shows!  And throughout the entire time she instructed me on how to I never felt lost or silly.

When I got my photos back I was thrilled.  There were so many fantastic shots...and I'm really very thankful for Jen for making this lifetime goal so easy to achieve.

Here are some of the women Jen has shot. And to start it off, check out this behind the scenes video:

Jennifer Williams - Boudoir Studio from Brice Ferre Photography on Vimeo.


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