Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday's Montage: For the love of Rock & Roll

Do you and your soon-to-be share a love of classical, jazz, rock 'n roll, or just music in general? I'm sure you will invest in an awesome band, or fantastic DJ for your wedding night. There are also other creative and affordable ways to showcase your love of music and sites like Etsy make it a breeze.

Now you can infuse vintage sheet music and musical notes, and quotes from your favorite bands or songs, all throughout your wedding ceremony and reception! Take a look at these handmade treasures below to see what I mean. If you're an expert at crafts, you could create these on your own!

These song request cards will really be appreciated when it's loud and the party is in full force!

Cool guys wear Cool Cuff Links, don't you agree?

Jayleen Deelman has been with DreamGroup since 2010 and has made her way from our Star Wedding Coordinator to a Dedicated Associate Planner. Jayleen is upbeat, good natured, and always smiling. She is attentive and with her passion for everything weddings she is key in carrying out a fluid and enjoyable wedding day experience. Clients adore her sweet disposition and her desire to make their wedding a memory they will never forget.

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