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Ask a Planner... "DIY vs. Hiring a Pro?"


Can you recommend a florist that will give me the best value?  I am looking for tall centerpieces of white and purple roses.  I can't decide between DIY or hiring a florist.  Would you recommend doing the floral yourself? Thx.


Hello Rachel,

Wedding florals come in all shapes, styles and budgets.  Whether to DIY it or hire a pro often means you fall into one of two categories... creative and crafty or budget conscious -- and sometimes it's both!  You are either not afraid to get your hands dirty and genuinely want to be a hands on DIY bride or you are simply trying to maximize your budget and think DIYing will save you money.   

The truth is, it can save you money, but it's not always the case as it really depends on what you have in mind and secondly it comes at a different kind of cost -- a "time" cost.  Most brides who choose to DIY (whether it be for flowers, invitations or cake) say later on that it was far larger a project or investment of their time and energy than they could have ever anticipated.  Some regret it and others say it was tough, but they wouldn't have had it any other way.  They enjoyed being able to say they had a very active hand in making their own wedding vision come to life.  

As I touched on above, DIYing does not always save you money because once you purchase the vases, the flowers, pay for the gas to drive around getting all the bits and pieces it can often end up being very close to if not the same price that a modest wedding pro might have charged as they already own the vase and already regularly have flowers in store, etc.  This doesn't account for your time either.  Typically a floral centerpiece will range anywhere in price between $50 and $400.00 each depending on the size, type of flowers, and florist being used.

My suggestion is that you meet with a 2 florists (or maybe 3 if you have the time) to determine what your vision might cost and then do some thinking and a little homework and do what works best for you.  Below are a few local budget friendly (and reputable) suggestions for you to look into:

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