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Ask a Planner... "You want HOW MUCH for eggs and flour?"

Hi DreamGroup,

What's the going rate for wedding cakes these days?  We've recently received some quotes from a few different cake makers ad bakeries in town and they are a little alarming to be quite honest.  I mean it's eggs and flour for goodness sake and $9.00 or more a slice seems a little high to me.  I feel like I'm being taken advantage of just because I'm getting married!!!  It's all adding up and I was kind of hoping this would be one of the lesser expensive parts of the wedding! 

Puzzled Groom

Hello Puzzled Groom!

Your "cake" sticker shock is not abnormal, but the cost you mentioned is normal for the Urban Vancouver area.  Competitive averages tend to fall within $6-$12/slice, but it really comes down to what you are getting for the price.  Is it tasty?  Does the cake maker understand your vision?  If so, then you may actually be on the right path.  If the design you have in mind requires many hours of time and labour in creating it, you will more than likely be paying a higher price.  

Things like hand made sugar flowers, intricate design details, beading, crystals, fondant, shimmer, spray on stencil designs, additional flavours, fillings, additional tiers, etc. will all affect the final price.  As with many contracted services Time and Labour are the two elements that tend to increase the cost of anything and in this case it's your cake.  The more time and work that needs to be dedicated to creating your cake the more it's going to cost you.  It's not about the flour and eggs.

You might wish to ask each cake professional you are receiving quotes from what might be done to your ideal cake design to reduce the cost slightly as the removal of a couple more dramatic and costly elements might do the trick in bringing the cost down a touch.  You might also consider doing a smaller 2-3 tier display cake for the cutting ceremony and have a slab cake in the back to be served to guests as this will almost certainly reduce your overall cake costs. Good luck with your cake shopping!  

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week darlings!  And don't be shy!  Submit your questions by emailing us at



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