Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fabulous Find Brings You A One Woman Shoe

WESTERLY Handmade Shoes

Renee Macdonald

Renee is a magnificent 1 woman show, creating handmade leather shoes for any special man.  Because not just anyone can be lucky enough to wear her shoes.
Renee uses the traditional methods of shoemaking, in the design, shaping and assembly, which is all done by hand.  Using the best materials available.  This allows for a "truly unique and enduring product every time".

One of the main accessories Brides excitedly purchase are shoes for their wedding day, and well what about the boys?!  
The process is very simple, contact Renee at WESTERLY Handmade Shoes, meet Renee and she gets to know your style and what it is that you're exactly looking for, from there she will create a masterpiece.

As Renee puts it best,
"WESTERLY HANDMADE SHOES are constructed for reliability, longevity, and beauty.  They are made to be worn and loved."

So Groom's, it's a great gift idea for your Bestman or for yourself!  Come on Brides, share the love on the day of the wedding and make it about him too!  But not to worry Brides, Renee does women's shoes also.

Its a gift that will last almost forever ;)

For further information or to contact Renee click here!

By Sandy Pandher, Associate Planner with DreamGroup Productions
With her "hands on" energetic approach to planning, Sandy offers a perfect balance between assertiveness and calmness -- two qualities instrumental in qualifying oneself as a great planner. This smart, savvy and dedicated planner's passion is in building relationships and connecting with each of her clients so that their wedding day can truly reflect who they are as a couple and what their love story symbolizes. Sandy is best suited to the busy Urban couple looking for a knowledgeable and intuitive planner to help bring their wedding vision to life.
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