Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Montage: Kid Friendly Wedding

It's inevitable, during the quietest moment on your wedding day when you are exchanging your vows at the altar with all eyes on you, or the maid of honour is giving her emotional toast at dinner, a child will scream. Or stomp. Or jump on the seat. Or begin to cry. I've seen it happen every time, and met loads of honorable husbands who quickly rush them out of hearing range and miss most of the wedding. I have a mega soft spot for babies and would happily hang out with them all day if I could. It's hard to put "Adults Only" in your invitation with the risk of your close friends not being able to make it because they have little ones. If everyone is welcome, here are a few idea's to create a kid friendly wedding. Happy children, calm enjoyable wedding.

Send children on a photo scavenger hunt with this game of i-spy!
They have to spot a variety of typical wedding day occurrences / outfits and tick them off on their list and capture it with their disposable camera. This works really well for older children 7-11 who will be able to do this independently. Available as a free download from Martha Stewart Weddings…how great is that?!

Here are some items to include in a child’s goody bag (suitable for ages 3-6)
The aim is to provide toys and activities that aren’t noisy and don’t require close adult supervision, so avoid very small items and steer clear of musical instruments…obviously. Bubbles, treats, crayons, colouring books, playdough and finger puppets can be purchased really inexpensively from your local dollar store.

Activity books are fantastic for keeping the little ones occupied during the long dinner. There are many resources online if you’d like to make your own free and charming colouring pages and activity books you can print at home Lovely Indeed, Crayola, Print Activities, Printables For Kids

Expecting many children at your wedding? Why not give their parents a break and let them really relax with a glass of wine and enjoy your celebration. Brandi from Nannies on Call is a phenomenal help to have. Whether she sits with all children at a separate table, ensuring they are all fed and well behaved, or in a completely separate room where they can be as loud as they want and have so much fun together. She comes equipped with toys and games and loving care for all ages.


Jayleen Deelman has been with DreamGroup since 2010 and has made her way from our Star Wedding Coordinator to a Dedicated Associate Planner. Jayleen is upbeat, good natured, and always smiling. She is attentive and with her passion for everything weddings she is key in carrying out a fluid and enjoyable wedding day experience. Clients adore her sweet disposition and her desire to make their wedding a memory they will never forget.

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