Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Creating your Seating Plan...

Deciding where to seat each of your beloved guests can seem like quite a daunting task...thankfully Martha Stewart Weddings has created the ultimate seating plan tool that makes the process much easier and quicker!

Now that you've got the tools to create the seating chart, have a look at a few more of Martha Stewart's helpful tips for seating guests:

Though it seems logical that guests would enjoy sitting with whomever they wish, a seating free-for-all can be stressful for them in the moment. In addition, it will most likely leave some guests feeling left out or resentful that there wasn't enough room for them at their preferred table -- not to mention, not everyone at a wedding knows one another. A little prewedding planning on your part will go a long way the day of the wedding. Designing a seating chart allows you to separate people who may have friction, without anyone being the wiser, encourages lively conversation between unacquainted guests with like interests, and, by preventing a scramble, helps ensure the reception will begin on time.

That said, unless it's an extremely formal event, there are cultural or language barriers, or you just plain WANT to, there's no need to assign individual seats. Assign guests to a table, but let them choose their seats, first come, first served. One major bonus of this arrangement? You'll save money on place cards. However, if you do decide to assign individual seats, start well in advance, don't wait until you get RSVPs back. Start with groups you know will be there and work your way through the guest list. You can always go back and remove the few guests that can't make it later.

Good luck!

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