Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards...

So you’ve created your seating plan and its perfect...but now, how to let guests know where they are sitting? Place cards and Escort cards are two of the most popular options but are also a bit of a mystery to some people. What is the difference?! For those who need a bit of help we have created this handy explanation along with a few great options for each choice! Enjoy!

Escort Cards are little cards your guests pick up during the cocktail hour or as they enter the reception room. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order so they are easy for your guests to find. The Escort card simply assigns your guests to sit at a specific table.

The Escort cards should have your guests' name and table number (or name) listed on them. The guest name on the escort card should match the formality of your event. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith if it's a formal event (similar to how you addressed the invitation) or Mary and Bob Smith if it's less formal. Just a note, the lady's name is usually listed first. Also, if you've had guests select their entree and you're not doing place cards, you would need to find a way to designate their food choice on the escort card and ask the guests to set them out at their seat where the catering staff can see them. Keep in mind that any place card can be made into an escort card simply by adding the guest’s table number.

Place cards are most often used at more formal events. These are cards that do exactly what they say... they tell your guests their "place" at their table. It will have their name on it and if you've had them select a specific entree will usually have some way to designate their entree choice (color, ribbon, etc).

As with the escort cards, the actual names on the place card, would be Mr. Smith for a formal setting (if you have several guests with the same last name then you can list the first name as well, i.e. Mr. Bobby Smith.). If it's more of an informal event you can go without the title, i.e. Bobby Smith. Each of your guests will have their own place card. That goes for couples and well as your " and guest" mysteries, so, for those people bringing a date it will be necessary to find out the "and guests" name, just put in a quick call to your friend.

Just remember that the key to making your escort or place cards unique is to make either the card itself or the display of cards as creative as possible. Have fun and Good Luck!

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