Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Money Poems for your Gift Registry...

Already have everything you need for your home? Prefer cash to help you along the way towards the purchase of a new home? Consider including one of these poems along with your gift registry information so that guests are aware of your wishes:

"If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way.
A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, our registry will help you on your way."

"So what do you get
For the bride and groom
Whose house needs things
In every room?
When shopping for a present please don’t be rash
As there is always the option
To just give cash!
We hope you don’t find
Our request to be funny
But we really would appreciate
A gift of money"

"We have most of the things we need
Like a kettle and two toasters,
We have two different crockery sets
With dinner plates and coasters,
Pots and pans, knives and forks
A chopping board for cheese,
If you would like to give us a gift
We would like the money please!"

"We are registered for gifts
however, we have our hearts set on setting up house
we're saving every nickle and dime
so if you aren't sure what gift go give
a gift of cash would be just fine"

Keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to set up at least one gift registry at your favourite department store or boutique for those guests who don’t feel comfortable giving you only cash. Just be sure to call ahead and set up an appointment as some places require that you have an initial orientation. Also, it really helps if you can break up your gift selecting into a couple of different visits because it will take a few hours and can become tiring and overwhelming.

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