Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Getting Organized...

Organization is the key to planning a successful wedding! We suggest using a 2 inch binder to help you keep all your wedding related documents (i.e. checklists, contracts, etc.) and inspirational materials in one easily accessible place. The clear paper protectors are perfect for keeping magazine tear-outs, fabric swatches and other miscellaneous bits & pieces in one place and available for easy reference.

Come up with your Wedding Vision Keywords:

o Relaxed
o Elegant
o Modern
o Traditional
o Fun
o Unique
o Luxurious
o Understated
o Intimate

DG TIP: These keywords will come in handy in keeping your wedding style focused as you consider various elements you may wish to incorporate into the wedding i.e. “Does this invitation say Relaxed & Elegant?” or “Do these bridesmaid dresses reflect a Modern & Fun feel?”

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