Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday’s Fabulous Find: Elsa Corsi Beautiful Jewellery

Inspired by the grandeur of Old Hollywood and a red carpet sensibility, jewellery that carries the mark of Elsa Corsi are endearing and important symbols that define the new generation of haute couture costume jewellery. Unique in style and technique, each piece is still produced by hand in a private studio in Vancouver. Unlike modern jewellery, which is commonly mass-produced from castings of base metal with the stones glued in, Elsa Corsi jewellery is tailor made with attention to quality and longevity. Carefully hand and prong set, stone by stone, soldered, polished and plated to perfection- the extra time it takes to produce a piece of Elsa Corsi couture costume jewellery is well worth the wait.

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