Thursday, January 20, 2011

Save your special day!

Save-the-Date cards are the first formal announcements of your special day, ensuring guests have adequate time to plan ahead and make the necessary preparations in order to attend your event. These cards are typically sent 4-6 months prior and will be the first impression of your wedding day, a possible glimpse of what to look forward to...

They are especially helpful for out-of-town guests who may be traveling during the holidays or a peak tourist season and need to book flights and accommodations well ahead of time. A destination wedding may also require this extra step so guests have plenty of notice to schedule time off work and make all the necessary travel arrangements. Both would be best sent 9-12 months prior if you are able to provide that ample notice.

There are an assortment of formats, colours and images when deciding on the perfect Save-the-Date stationary. They should be short and sweet, a prelude to the invitation arriving later on which will then provide all the finer details. Simply include your names, date and location, and play with style to build excitement for your special day!

If you have already decided on theme colours for the wedding, you can take this opportunity to incorporate them in the design. Otherwise, have fun, be creative, and explore a variety of options...

Make a bold first impression with a classic, yet modern and ornate design as a precursor to your possible wedding theme. The pattern beautifully compliments the elegant personalized monogram to your stationary that lavish appeal. You can complete the look with the coordinating stationary components to tie all the details together!

Add some French flair to your card with the classic Fleur de Lis, a stylized lily, associated with well recognized art and architecture around the world. The stylish script and design are the perfect pairing for an elegant affair!

Add a playful touch to your stationary with a whimsical tree adorned with dangling hearts, and include a cute caption to complete a perfect first impression! It includes all the necessary initial information, yet adds that special touch that will have your guests eager to save the date!

Are you planning on exchanging vows beach side? Use the occasion to play up the warm weather theme with tropical coral and bubbly hearts. Your guests will already be counting down the days...

Use this playful, floral design as a decorative touch to a white, simple background. You can incorporate theme colours if you've already made those decisions or simply choose a shade that appeals to you!

Add that special touch with a personalized monogram to your Save-the-Date stationary. The look is completed with a splash of colour in your choice, and accented by a whimsical floral design.

Whatever choice it may be, use this opportunity to play with colour and style while creating a design that's all your own. Start your browsing here, happy Shopping!

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