Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Wedding Garter...

Did you ever wonder where the tradition of the wedding garter began? This popular tradition actually originated in the medieval times and has evolved to the modern times of today...

This ritual began the night of the wedding when the newlyweds would turn in for the evening and family and friends would follow behind trying to grab something from the bride, or from the groom. They would take what they retrieved downstairs to the reception to prove that the bride and groom had consummated their marriage.

This of course annoyed the newlyweds, so the groom would actually take it upon himself to remove the garter from his bride and toss it into the crowd people; using that as proof that they had consummated their marriage.

Of course, the times have changed and the modern interpretation is much more tame then its origins. Today, the bride wears the garter on their wedding day and takes it off at the reception where is then tossed into the groomsmen crowd. The man who catches the garter is said to have good luck and will be the next to marry; similar to the throwing of the bouquet.

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