Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week...What the Pros Want You to Know, Part 9

DG's 12 Week Series of Tips from the Pros...


Register at least 3 months before your wedding so that you have time to choose the best items and are not rushed into throwing together a registry list. It always takes longer than you anticipated and can be very exhausting so it’s best to spread out creating your “wish list” over two or three visits to the store.

Be sure to check on and update your list as needed to ensure there are enough choices for your guests to choose from. It is frustrating for your guests to come in to the store only to find out that there's almost nothing left on the registry to choose from!

Prices should not be a factor in your choices, since this is a special occasion and a time for your guests and family members to give you gifts that are special and will be cherished for a very long time you should choose things you really like and want and not worry about how much they cost. If an item is a little costly people will join together and purchase those items for you as a team.

~ Cookworks

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