Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week...What the Pros Want You to Know, Part 11

DG's 12 Week Series of Tips from the Pros...


Gone are the days that bridesmaid’s are expected to wear exactly the same style dress. What’s popular now, is having your girls pick a dress from the same designer but in different styles. This way the girls can express themselves in a style that suits them, which will make them happier on the day of. We recommend choosing the same fabric and colour for all their dresses, but if the girls do end up picking the same style dress, you could always mix it up by putting the girls in different shades of the same colour.

Don’t think you are helping your bridesmaids by giving them a colour (like “green”) and telling them to go buy any dress they like! Easier said than done - keep in mind that every colour has a huge variety of hues (whether it’s a green or a pink or even a chocolate brown) and many hues do not work well together. Not to mention the fact that there are a number of drastically different fabrics out there that can create a “hodgepodge” effect! Help them out by giving them a designer and a colour from that designer (say “Jenny Yoo” and “Pistachio Green Silk Shantung”) and then let them choose whatever style they want within that - all styles are available to view on most designers’ websites.

Let your bridesmaids enjoy a proposal of their own! Think of creative ways to ask your girls to stand up for you on your special day. You could ask them over a weekend brunch with “will you be my bridesmaid?” cards, or take it a step further, and surprise them at Frocks with a personalized window display (i.e. your name above the bride mannequin, and your bridesmaids names above mannequins standing by her side wearing your chosen wedding colours!). To avoid suspicion ask your girls to join you for an afternoon of shopping for wedding accessories!

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