Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Find: Pure Parties

Prettify your fingertips & toes while spending time with your girls! It's the perfect kickoff to a night out, or a relaxing day before your walk down the aisle.

Invite up to 30 guests and reserve the nail bar for up to 2 hours. [Pure Nail Bar] can provide up to 15 staff to pamper your hands and feet, while you bring your own music or dvd, appetizers and drinks and celebrate in style!

Beautify with your besties...

Day time parties
Fun and affordable way for 5 or more friends to celebrate a special occasion
(like your nuptials) during [their] regular business hours.

After hours parties
Beginning at 6pm, book your own private party. Reserve the nail bar any night of the week.

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