Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Planning the Rehearsal Dinner...

Whether you're having a formal wedding or a casual backyard gathering, the wedding rehearsal dinner is an opportunity to relax with friends and family before the demands of the wedding day whirlwind kick in. So here are a few tips to help make your rehearsal dinner as smooth and relaxing as possible...

Who plans the rehearsal dinner traditionally?

Traditionally, it is typically the groom and the groom's family that plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. That tradition, of course, originates from the concept that the bride's father was paying for the wedding reception itself, the next day. Nowadays, there's a lot more flexibility, with the bride likely wanting to have a say in what the tone and style of the rehearsal dinner will be. In terms of paying for the dinner, however, to be clear - this is a dinner that is being hosted for the benefit of an intimate group of guests, so discuss a budget and guest list before you begin planning the dinner and then stick to it.

When does the rehearsal dinner take place?

As the name suggests, the rehearsal dinner usually takes place soon after the wedding rehearsal, which probably means a night or two before the actual wedding. Keep in mind, that the rehearsal dinner doesn't have to go on for hours - its fine to wrap things up shortly after everyone has finished eating. Everyone will be tired, and you, the couple, should get a good night's sleep. That being said, if you know your group likes to have a good time, plan the dinner for two nights before the wedding so you have a day in between to rest and recuperate.

Who gets invited to the rehearsal dinner?

A very common question when planning your rehearsal dinner is...who gets an invite? or how many people should we limit the guest list to? The rehearsal dinner should be hosted for each of your parents and the wedding party. This sometimes includes grandparents and other VIPs. You might also consider inviting your officiant or any guests that have made an extraordinary effort to make it to your wedding; i.e. those that have travelled a long way to get there. Additionally, each of the members of the wedding party should be allowed to bring their significant other. You might also need to consider babysitting, or accommodate children at the rehearsal dinner. Typically, most couples host around 20 people...of course, who ultimately attends is up to you.

Finally, just remember that as we said before, this dinner should be about your closest friends and family. So make sure that all of your VIPs are present and take a few minutes to let them each know how much you appreciate them and all they've done for you and your wedding!

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