Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DreamGroup’s Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week

Choosing your Card and/or Money box...

Now that you've got most of your details figured out...all that's left is to decide what type of container you want to use for guests to drop their cards and monetary gifts into! Should it be simple and classic? Sleek and Modern? or perhaps fun and funky? There are tons of great options available so check out a few of our favourite below:

Simple and Classic:

The Elegant Italian Chest Wishing Wells are the perfect addition to your wedding. Wishing Wells are the perfect way to collect cash or money gifts. This elegant Italian Chest makes a beautiful "Wishing Well" yet is also very suitable for use as a storage container for all of your cherished memorabilia.

Sleek and Modern:

This Plexiglass Envelope/Draw Box is transparently functional and stylish. Yet it is versatile enough to be at home in any environment.

These Bubble vases are gorgeous and modern examples for your card box. However, keep in mind that any wide mouthed vase or bowl would be an excellent choice.

Fun and Funky:

Why go typical when you can have something extraordinary? Order a fun, funky, custom made card box that is designed and constructed JUST FOR YOU!

Before you choose, think about the style of wedding that you're planning and aim to purchase a card box that fits within that style or theme. Most importantly though...pick something that you love!

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