Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabulous New Online Community...Xoopla!

Recently DreamGroup was introduced to the fabulous new online community hitting the Vancouver scene... Xoopla! Check out the interview with Geneve McNally, Principal Planner with DreamGroup Productions and also some of the other fabulous vendors on this most creative and helpful new "tool" geared at Vancouver consumers looking to get "the real story" on local businesses, vendors, and services.

About Xoopla...
Xoopla makes finding local information less time consuming. Brides can go to many sites looking for information, but they will only find ads which no one really trusts anymore. They are still looking for the information to plan their wedding. That is why we interview and publish businesses and other experts. This is our attempt to put this relevant information in one spot for brides to be can find what they are looking for. (We will be opening this up to everyone- Like Wikipedia- so people can share information, review , recommend etc)

Xoopla is a social media and search site, where people and businesses share their expertise. This is how businesses get a reputation. The beauty of social media is that they can refer to their friends, recommend, review, and even look for a wedding planner, and filter the results through their friends recommendations. Users can connect to businesses, communities, to each other and share information. Business owners share information (as an expert), and update customers and potential customers that are connected to you when you update your site.

It is different than conventional advertising because it's not about self promotion, but about sharing experiences with the community.

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