Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Find: Vancouver's Best Cover Band!

New on the Scene... SideOne

DreamGroup had the pleasure of witnessing SideOne's debut performance at Sarah and Tom's Treetop Wedding this past Saturday. We knew they would be good because the musicians making up this band's ensemble cast have been playing for several years now on the scene in some of Vancouver's hottest bands... We just had no idea HOW GOOD they would be as a group. Well, the guests danced the night away, the clients raved on and on, and the wedding planner was overjoyed! :) What a fantastic group dynamic they have! We wish SideOne the best of luck in their take-over of the Vancouver entertainment circuit.

"Having a live band is a must if you want your party to be a party, but it needs to be the right live band. We won't rail at you for several paragraphs with the same words everyone uses like dynamic, energetic, engaging, polished and infectious - though all would apply. The point is simply that this band is made up of extremely talented and experienced musicians, and the sets were crafted for the sole purpose of packing a dance floor, while avoiding entirely the typical cover band cheese. With a repertoire covering ground from Aretha to Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon to Queen and literally everything in between, SideOne will customize the set to appeal to your guests and at no point will there be any YMCA-ing, promise. SideOne is about the music, and the audience, and will rock your event for a price that won't make you gag."

Check out and experience something fun, new and fresh in Vancouver Entertainment.

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