Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Fashion for the Groom or Guest...

Whether he's the groom or the guest, the latest issue of GQ magazine offers some great inspiration for summer wedding attire. They're chic, modern, and each with a personal twist.

The bride may be the centre of the attention, but it doesn't mean the groom should fall to the wayside. And if he's simply on the guest list, he can still dress to impress and have fun with fashion...

A GQ tip: "Get your hair cut a week before the wedding, not a day before. When the time comes, put it in a tidy side part"

The perfect punch of pattern! "Just remember, you only want to wear one superstar at a time. The shirt, tie, and trousers should all be solid colors."

Take a break from the traditional black suit, and try the unexpected midnight blue!

- Lisa Cohen, GQ's in-house suiting expert.

GQ's New Rules of Weddings

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