Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Montage: this week's theme...rain on your wedding day

It's the morning of your big day, your heart races with excitement... until, you jump out bed, pull back the curtains and what do you see, but...

Is you wedding booked during Vancouver's typically rainy season, otherwise known as, not July or August? Then perhaps you will need to learn to embrace this city's (sometimes) cloudy skies...

Like those who fight their natural curly locks with products and straightening irons, rather than embracing their beautiful bouncy hair, why not see the rain as an opportunity to embrace it to it's fullest potential!

If you've seen the forbidding "100% chance of showers" on the 7 day forecast and are well aware of what's to come, then prepare with the necessary rainy day accessories, i.e. umbrellas and appropriate footwear. But, have fun with it, incorporate your wedding colours, and see these extra pieces as ways to further accessorize your wedding ensemble!

The rain can be just an extra feature to your wedding photos backdrop. Whether your pictures are playful or romantic, the rainy skies can enhance either and sometimes truly make your wedding photos...

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