Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Wedding Guestbook...

Looking for some inspiration for your wedding guestbook? Check out some fun, clever ideas courtesy of Martha Stewart...

"A guest book doesn't have to be in the form of a book." Place out small cards that give your "well wishers just enough space to write a sweet thought, quip, or hope." Check out the black, decorative birdcage on the dg Boutique to collect these memorable well wishes from friends and family.

Transform the inside of the standard guestbook with some personal flair! "Use double-sided tape to affix envelopes in assorted sizes and colors" to the blank pages of a guestbook, or even a plain paper photo album or scrapbook. "Leave cards and a pen on a table for guests to write wishes. When they're done, they can tuck their cards inside the envelopes for the bride and groom to enjoy later."

Add a vintage touch with the typewriter guest book... "Set out an old fashioned typewriter with long sheets of paper for guests to write good wishes to the bride and groom as the feeling strikes. Look for inexpensive vintage machines online or at thrift stores or flea markets; they come in colors to go with any palette. After the wedding, tie into a scroll with ribbon."

Receive your well wishes via mail! Give postcards with you address printed on the back to fill in with good wishes during the reception and drop in a decorative container in the front entrance. "The cards are to mailed the next day by a friend of the couple so that the newlyweds will return from their honeymoon to a brimming mailbox."|

Check out some more ideas for your guestbook at Martha Stewart Weddings or find some great options on the dg Boutique, like the sleek Black Frame Inscribable Signature Keepsake Mat kit to frame a special photo of your and your beau! Have silver ink pens on the guestbook table for friends and families to write and sign around your picture. It's the perfect keepsake from your special day!

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