Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week...Bridesmaids' Dresses

Decide on the style of dresses you want your attendants to wear and give them the store/website information, colour & styles (if necessary). It's a good idea to discuss your ideas with your attendants. They may have a special request or some input they might wish to share.

The Vancouver Sun recently shed some light on the Bridesmaids dress and style...

It is almost impossible to make a group of bridesmaids look good in the same dress unless they are quintuplets, says Margit McCorkle, of Manuel Mendoza Couture.
"There is no one style that bridges all shapes," she says. There just isn't. That is why you get all these bridesmaids jokes.

Remember the infamous Bridesmaids dresses fashion show modeled by Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses?

McCorkle says dressing bridesmaids often becomes the most challenging aspect of the wedding. If you want them to look fabulous and maybe wear the dresses again, you need to consider each one's shape, personality and fit. That is a really sticky wicket. But if you can't select just one attendant, what else can you do to solve this conundrum?

Bridal consultant Ashley Child with Blush Bridal in West Vancouver says one solution they have found is for the bride to choose a designer, fabric and colour and allow the bridesmaids to choose a dress that suits their frame and personality from the designer's collection.
"As long as it is in the same colour and fabric it doesn't disrupt the look of the wedding," she says.

DG TIP: If body types permit, consider a less costly option of buying bridesmaids dresses from a local retail shop (i.e. RW & Co., Jacobs, The Bay, etc.)

DreamGroup's Top Picks for Bridesmaid's Dresses:

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