Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Weddings: Planning your Own Wedding?

Get a little Guidance along the way...

These services are perfect for clients that are able to tackle the planning of their own wedding…but need some guidance along the way…

-Sarah Shore

Blue Print Package

A popular option amongst couples looking for a little guidance before tackling the planning of the wedding on their own. The Blueprint Package is perfect for the couple that has the time, energy, and desire to fully immerse themselves into the planning of their own wedding, but is looking for some direction on how best to get started. Knowledge is Power, afterall. Spend two-three hours with one of two DreamGroup Principal Planners. Ask questions, develop a plan, exchange ideas, and discuss potential costs. Couples will come away from this productive meeting with a much stronger understanding of Vancouver’s wedding market and of the tasks that will require their attention over the coming months.

Milestone Meetings

With the Blueprint Package helping you establish a realistic and organized plan for your impending wedding there is yet another way to ensure you stay on track and continue to make savvy wedding planning decisions with our Milestone Meetings! These two hour meetings ideally take place every 2-3 months along your planning journey and offer couples the luxury of sitting down with an industry professional who will answer any questions that have come up, offer advice, support, and insight, and provide candid and honest feedback about your plans and direction for your wedding. In order to keep the experience as cost efficient as possible the client may choose how many Milestone Meetings they wish to book. Each Milestone Meeting can be book on an "as needed" basis along your planning journey. In offering these "mini planning services" DreamGroup is able to help EVERY bride and groom work towards creating a fabulously efficient, thoughtful, and pleasantly memorable wedding day experience for them and their guests!

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