Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: How to create your personal bridal style!

Tailor your bridal style to a T! Check out tips from on choosing a seamstress to tend to your dress. The right alterations will enhance your bridal beauty and make that extra impact...

1. Get referrals from friends and family who have recently been married. Also ask at bridal shops and on on-line forums such as FB for recommendations.

2. Does the seamstress specifically work on wedding attire? Is it her full time profession? Although making drapes or children’s clothes requires the skill of sewing, it also requires its own skill set. No one can be an expert at everything.

3. Is the setting professional? Is it clean? Are there pets or small children in the work area? Do they smoke? Do you feel comfortable in their surroundings? Do they have a specific area for fittings and changing?

4. Do they have any sort of business insurance? Your gown will be left there for what could be several months. What happens if there is a flood or a break in? Will your gown be covered?

5. Do they let you know how much the work will cost before starting? A good seamstress should be able to tell the amount of work involved from the start. It shouldn’t keep adding up to more work unless you specifically ask her to do more work than originally agreed upon.

6. Do they offer other services you may require like gown cleaning/steaming or pressing? What about crinoline rentals? You do not want to be going to several locations for all these items.

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