Thursday, September 8, 2011

Throwing a Shower?

Are you in the works of planning a shower and need some fun ideas? Check out some helpful inspiration from Canadian Bride...

Lingerie Shower
Some women love great lingerie. If the bride is one of those women, she'll love a lingerie shower.

It may make sense to collect money ahead of time and have one or two people do the shopping to avoid duplication. Her best woman, being the closest to her, is a good choice for the shopping, because she will know her friend's taste.

Room Assignment Shower
Assign each guest a room, and each can choose a gift that contributes to the furnishing of that room (ideally making their choice from the couple's registry).

Have each person attach a poem about why that room is special.

A small appliance for the kitchen, towels for the bathroom, placemats for the dining room, pillow slips for the bedroom... the list is endless and the poems create a little fun during the gift opening.

Honeymoon Shower
A honeymoon stag-and-doe may hit the nail on the head. If the couple has registered with a travel agent, this will be a gift they will appreciate.

Couples might want to register their honeymoon details so guests may view their page and then purchase pieces of their honeymoon for them.

Throw the stag-and-doe party in the theme of the honeymoon destination, and have guests come dressed for the honeymoon venue.

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