Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prep & Practice Makes Perfect!

Here are your final tips from Martha Stewart Weddings on on giving a tip, top, toast!

Do your homework

The best toasts that seem natural and unrehearsed, take preparation!

Star with an outline
  • Create categories of topics you want to cover
Recall and reflect
  • Spend some time really thinking about your relationship
Seek outside inspiration
  • Consult a collection of quotes or poems
Practice, Practice!
...have a draft completed a few weeks before the wedding to ensure you have time to do some dry runs.

Keep it short
  • no more than a few minutes
  • time yourself
  • rewrite parts you find yourself stumbling over
  • record yourself, or rehearse before an impartial party - ask for feedback!
Include stage directions
  • get a sense of where natural breaks occur - write "Pause" as a reminder
Bring notes
  • avoid the impulse to write everything down
  • Even if you memorize your speech... you should still have something in front of you to fall back on
Make copies
  • print a duplicate of your notes and give it to another guest in case you misplace your own!
Now you have all the tools to compose and deliver the perfect toast!

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!

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