Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Raises the Bubbly?

One of the tasks you have to tick-off your wedding to-dos is assigning who will give the toasts. Today, the gesture can be performed by men and women alike!

Here's some helpful advice compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings...

The bride's father and mother
As the traditional host, the father of the bride reserves the right to kick things off. He can speak on behalf of himself and his wife, or together with his wife... topics often include: the first public congratulations to the newlyweds, welcome and thanks tot he wedding party and guests, and a reference to the union of the two families.

The groom and bride
You can your groom may toast independently, or you may wish to speak together as newly minted newlyweds. You may alternate topics - for example, he thanks the guests while you thank the wedding parties.

The best man
His main goal is to honour the couple together by reminiscing about his friendship witht he groom, recalling the first time he met the bride, or giving his impression of the impact she's had on his friend.

The maid of honour
She can be included in order to offer an additional point of view on the couple.

The groom's parents
Traditionally, these two are not expected to toast at the reception, but they may wish to do so, especially if they didn't get a chance to chime in at the rehearsal dinner.

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