Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the week

This week's tips are from wedding dress guru Randy Fenoli courtesy of

1. Know what you want (and how much you have!)
You should have a clear vision of what your bridal style is: Do you want to be traditional, chic understated, fashion-forward, fun, quirky, or regal? You also need to know what your venue is like and have a target budget that you're comfortable with.

2. Shop with a supportive team
You shopping partners support you and have a very clear understanding about your goal and what your bridal style and budget are. They need to respect the face that this is your wedding dress and be there to offer advice only when asked.

3. Think twice before going custom
Only if you're really fashion-savvy and can truly put your trust in a designer would I suggest getting a custom dress. What the designer tells you and what the sketch shows can be very different from how the garment turns out. There are hundreds of bridal designers out there with literally thousands of designs -- you can probably find a dress that makes you happy. Customizing an existing gown, like dipping a neckline, lengthening a train, or adding cap sleeves, can be done with proper guidance from a knowledgeable bridal consultant or designer.

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