Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ask a Planner... "Facebook Follies"


This may be strange (or maybe I’m not alone), but I'm concerned about my wedding photos turning up on Facebook and Twitter and such as a result of our guests snapping shots and sharing them online.  I feel that our wedding is a very private and intimate occasion and would really prefer to keep it between us and invited guests at this time.  Is there a proper way to politely ask guests not to post our photos?  Thanks for any pointers.

A DreamGroup Bride to Be

Hi there dg Bride to Be :O)

I LOVE this question!!!  And I'm sure you are not alone in your thinking.  I'm always one for simplifying a problem with the straight up honest truth so how about posting a lovely printed note at the Guest Book Table or Greeting Area from you to your guests requesting that they do not share your photos online. Something like this might do the trick...

"Hello and welcome wonderful family and friends!  We are so excited that you are able to join us in celebration of our commitment in love!  We welcome anyone that wishes to document the occasion with photos to do so, however, we would like to keep our wedding just between us and our cherished guests and so humbly request that any photos taken today do not get shared on any social media channels without prior consent.  Thank you again for honouring us with your presence today. We so appreciate your love and support. It means the world to us.  Now let's party!  Love Bride and Groom"

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