Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Find Leaves You Hungry For More!

Looking to plan a stagette or bridal shower and don't want to plan something typical?

Well, look no further, I introduce you to a flavor that is original, unique and very exciting. Did I mention delicious!

The Birds Nest Dining

Whether it's brunch, lunch or a dinner you want to plan for your Jack and Jill wedding shower or stagette, Chef M can accomodate your party for a private event for 10 to 20 guests.

To see just a few of Chef M's delectible creations, check this out...But before you click on the following link and begin reading, may cause your saliva glands to over produce and droolling may occur. ;)
Chef M can accomdate all menu requests from gluten free to vegan.

To reserve your next seat right by the window, don't wait another moment and reserve with Chef M today! Birds Nest Dining boasts beautiful natural light that leaves you full and inspired!

Bon Apeitite Everyone!

By Sandy Pandher, Associate Planner with DreamGroup Productions

With her "hands on" energetic approach to planning, Sandy offers a perfect balance between assertiveness and calmness -- two qualities instrumental in qualifying oneself as a great planner. This smart, savvy and dedicated planner's passion is in building relationships and connecting with each of her clients so that their wedding day can truly reflect who they are as a couple and what their love story symbolizes. Sandy is best suited to the busy Urban couple looking for a knowledgeable and intuitive planner to help bring their wedding vision to life.

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!

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